What is Town Hall 8.5? Why and how to do it.

In this guide we will explain the what, why, and how to do Town Hall 8.5 properly. In general the Cold September family not only endorses the idea of TH8.5 (and TH9.5), we expect it. Following this guide will assist you by ensuring that you are not upgrading defenses incorrectly and are capable of supporting yourself in wars as you progress.


What is Town Hall 8.5?

Town Hall 8.5 is an official Town Hall 9 village but doesn’t contain any TH9 defensive buildings.  When you first upgrade to TH9, you are immediately at a disadvantage and outmatched offensively towards other TH9 bases. The logic behind TH8.5 is to allow you time to up the required troops to hit other TH9’s. It’s basically a TH8 with a TH9 village plus the Archer Queen.

Why Should I Do It?

By being a Town Hall 8.5, your score at match making of Clan Wars is the same as when you were at Town Hall 8 because your defensive buildings number doesn’t change.  Your Clan War would still be the same as when you were at TH8 but you can attack TH8 villages easily with TH9 troops while you’re working to get your troops upgraded, and since you won’t be working on extra defenses, you can pour all your resources into getting your Hero’s upgraded and working on your new walls.

 How Do I Upgrade As Town Hall 8.5?

Each person you ask will probably tell you a different path to Town Hall 8.5, but it’s been my experience it should be broken down into 3 steps and do not proceed to the next step until the current one is completed 100%. Also, I am taking for granted you are already a MAXED TH8 when you start using this guide.

Step 1 (ASAP Upgrades):

  • Upgrade Clan Castle
  • Build Archer Queen and start leveling up to Level 5 minimum
  • Upgrade Laboratory so you can get started on TH9 troops
  • Upgrade Spell Factory for that all important Jump ability
  • Upgrade Army Camps for the additional troops
  • Upgrade Dark Spell Factory to obtain the Haste Spell
  • Build all new Walls and Traps and upgrade them to match your existing TH8 max levels
  • Build all new storage and upgrade them to match your existing TH8 max levels
  • Upgrade all storages and pumps to Max TH9
  • Upgrade all Barracks to TH9 Levels

Step 2 (New TH9 Defenses)

  • Continue upgrading troops in the Laboratory. The lab should never sit idle.
  • Continue upgrading Archer Queen to at least Level 10.
  • Build new Archer Towers and upgrade to max TH8 level
  • Build new Tesla and upgrade to max TH8 level
  • Build new Air Defense and upgrade to max TH8 level
  • Build new Wizard Tower and upgrade to max TH8 level
  • Upgrade all walls to Level 9 (Legos)

Step 3 (Now we can transition from TH 8.5 to 9)

  • Yes….Continue upgrading troops in the Laboratory because I’m sure you’re not done.
  • Continue upgrading all walls to Level 10
  • Upgrade all Defences to Max TH9 in this order: Archer Towers, Teslas, Air Defenses, Wizard Towers, Mortars, Cannons
  • Only after everything else is done, build your new X-Bows


Super important special note


Do not upgrade your shiny new X-Bows to level 2 until your Heroes are levels 20/20 unless you can comfortably 3-star on average 5 slots above your base on the war ladder. Even then do not upgrade them until your Heroes are at least level 15/15. Notice above says “build” your new X-Bows, not build and upgrade.




Congratulations you are now ready for Town Hall 9.5!