War strategy for war 3-21-15 and clan announcement

This post contains the expected war attack strategy for war on 3-21-15 against Lost Rebels and a new ongoing war strategy.

Let me begin this post by saying that I expect it to upset or piss some of you off. If you get either due to it then you are most likely one of the people who are the reason for the post to start with.


We as a clan have an ongoing issue that is costing us war wins. From this point forward we will take neglected attacks (rushed or last-minute attacks by historically 2* attackers) as an act against the clan unless I am aware that something has come up before hand. We all understand that this is a game and it should be fun but we all also acknowledged coming into this clan or growing it that our aspirations were and are still to be one of the greatest clans in the game. Losing obviously takes the fun out of the game and does not work towards the goal. If you know you cannot meet these requirements it is your duty to reach out to me or a Co-leader asap. If we lose some of you due to you not liking the new approach or you not being able to meet it then I suppose this is farewell. Our clan is full of great people who I believe either do or did care about the clan deeply. People who continue to attack outside of their slots will be taken as selfish and uncaring about the clan’s success. Below is the expected timeframes for people to hit and the bases each are allowed to hit unless war requires otherwise as it progresses. They are based on non-progressive attacking, basic strategy, or because someone is a phenomenal attacker and deserves first choice of bases.


Again, if you have a problem with this or want to talk about it offline you’re welcome to hit me up.