TH9 Defense: 2 Unbeatable Bases


In this video Grim breaks down what were likely the two deciding base defenses in Sept’s war against OneHive 2.0 family in OneHive Swarm battling against the Cold September family in Cold Sept. Grim uses this video to stress the importance of base building at all weights and town hall levels. He shows both Hypr’s and Rooh’s bases which defended 6 and 5 attacks each respectively.

AQ Walk, EQ-Zap, DragOon TH9 on TH10 3-Star by Austin

This replay shows a Town Hall 9, Austin from Cold September perform a 3 star attack on a Town Hall 10 base with level 3 inferno towers. Austin begins the raid with an earthquake spell and lightning spells to eliminate one air defense before dropping his Archer Queen to walk the base eliminating multiple defenses including 2 more air defenses along her path. Once his AQ locks onto the defending Archer Queen he drops his dragons followed by four balloons to path to the core of the base where he rages them into the core, freezes an inferno tower, and eventually drops a clan castle hound with four more loons on the backside for 3 stars.