TH11 v 11 3-Stars! TH11 6-Pack! Showcase Attacks #RyanOP

Grim showcases 2 Town Hall 11 attacks by Ryan, Cold Sept Co-leader in this awesome video. These attacks happened during an arranged war (Friendly War) against Nagalandelite 1 but unfortunately they are based in India which apparently shut off the country’s internet during their recent election. We look forward to arranging with them again once things settle down there.

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Th10 LaLoon 3 Star Breakdown

Grim breaks down an awesome TH10 LaLoon 3-star attack breakdown video including the previous scout attacks leading up to it.

AQ Walk, EQ-Zap, DragOon TH9 on TH10 3-Star by Austin

This replay shows a Town Hall 9, Austin from Cold September perform a 3 star attack on a Town Hall 10 base with level 3 inferno towers. Austin begins the raid with an earthquake spell and lightning spells to eliminate one air defense before dropping his Archer Queen to walk the base eliminating multiple defenses including 2 more air defenses along her path. Once his AQ locks onto the defending Archer Queen he drops his dragons followed by four balloons to path to the core of the base where he rages them into the core, freezes an inferno tower, and eventually drops a clan castle hound with four more loons on the backside for 3 stars.


lukea15! – TH9 Shattered CB Haste LaLoon

Castles breaks down a Town Hall 9 Shattered LaLoon with Haste spell performed by Lukea15! of Cold Sept.

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How to Scout for Backside Troops Part 2

In this video we breakdown how and why to scout for backside loons while showing an awesome attack from Cold September member Bex.

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