Now Leading Cold Sept, Castles! 

The Cold September is happy to announce that Castles has now made the transition to his new title, Leader of our Cold Sept clan.

Congratulations to Castles for this new title! From all of us inside the Cold September family, thank you Castles for everything that you have done since coming into the CS family. We all look forward to all of the great successes you will help inspire inside the Sept clan.

To all of you inside the Cold Sept clan, we look forward to celebrating all of your future successes together.

In the words of Castles, “One Team, One Dream, 2015”!

– shagge68

The latest evolution of our family, Cold Sept Evo

Today we are happy to announce the Cold Sept Evo, the latest evolution of the CS family. Evo was sparked through an ongoing request by people currently at levels that do not meet the Cold September or Cold Sept requirements. Many have asked for us to create an environment where attitude means more than level. A space where people can learn to be 3-star players and grow together just like the original CS clan did except this clan has the advantage by having the guidance of the entire CS family. People who have been through the growing pains before and who will happily pass the CS values along to lower level players striving for excellence. In the nature of the CS name, Evo is a full-time war clan just like the two higher level clans. It has the support of both clans at its disposal and will be continuously filled by people who strive to become elite players even at lower levels.

Interested in learning more than checkout our about page for the full details.

If you’re interested in joining Cold Sept Evo or any Cold September family clan the request to join us.