Cold Sept gets Invite to CWL Rising!

The awesome announcements keep rolling from the CWL admin team. Congratulations to our Cold Sept clan for getting their invite to Champions War League Rising. Last season Sept competed in the CWL Lite and preformed well. They’re looking to upgrade the ante this time. Good luck to everyone involved! 

CS versus Sept in a mixed family scrimmage

This clan war was a mixed inner family scrimmage containing an even amount of members of Cold September and Cold Sept on each side. Unfortunately many of our teammates were unavailable for the war this weekend but still joined in on some of the fun in-game and on the Kamcord stream. During the stream members of our family along with Powerbang Gaming of WHF, and Reved up and alfamongkong from Emphatic Elite joined our Discord voice chat to have some fun. This is the first time that the Cold September family has ever matched to face itself in a clan war and it created for an amazing weekend of team building.

The stream replay:

Featured on the Clash After Dark Podcast, The Clash Files

Back on November 17, 2015 The Clash File family were kind enough to feature Castles and myself, shagge68 on one of their shows. I was reading through our web post and realized that we never spotlighted it or them so decided to do so now.  We are very thankful to w4rblade for reaching out to us to do this podcast/stream. I have included some of their post info below and the podcast itself. Be sure to checkout their website and follow their work.


Excerpt from their website below:

CAD Episode 11 – For the People, By the People

In this episode we welcomed shagge68, Leader of Cold September and Castles, Leader of Cold Sept. Shagge is a streamer, he streams wars for Cold September, Cold Sept, and other clans in the FPC. Castles is the YouTuber of the group. Be sure to subscribe to his channel. We talk about the clans, arranged wars, and leadership styles.

The Fair Play Community Forums

Castles’ YouTube channel

Follow Castles @CastlesCoC and shagge68 @ColdSept on Twitter

Be sure to follow W4rBlade on Twitter @w4rbladecoc

To catch the live show with one of our great hosts.

Now Leading Cold Sept, Castles! 

The Cold September is happy to announce that Castles has now made the transition to his new title, Leader of our Cold Sept clan.

Congratulations to Castles for this new title! From all of us inside the Cold September family, thank you Castles for everything that you have done since coming into the CS family. We all look forward to all of the great successes you will help inspire inside the Sept clan.

To all of you inside the Cold Sept clan, we look forward to celebrating all of your future successes together.

In the words of Castles, “One Team, One Dream, 2015”!

– shagge68

CS vs OneHive 2.0 The Rematch

Over the past number of months CS and OH families have become more and more involved with the FPC ( We recently faced off in our first arranged clan war against one another and it was a blast! Because we had so much fun in that epic battle, we decided we would do it again. After only 1 month passing Cold September and OneHive 2.0 faced off for a rematch and here are the recaps.