Requirements to join

Cold September Family

Must participate in clan wars at least twice per week.
You may be asked to present 2 war attack style friendly challenges upon entering the clan.
Must use both attacks during each and every war.
Must be willing to check-in with chat before war attacks to discuss strategy.
Must be knowledgeable of 3-star attack strategies and be able to demonstrate them consistently.
Defenses must match town hall for all new members unless player has just upgraded from a maxed base.
Must be and remain active.
Help others as they help you with advice and donates.


Town Hall Specific Requirements:

Town Hall 9

50 Hero levels combined
Base weight of 67,000 or higher
Level 9 (lego) walls or better
220 Camp Spaces
Max war troops for town hall level

Town Hall 10 

70 Hero levels combined
Level 9 (lego) walls complete or better
240 Camp Spaces
Max war troops

Town Hall 11

95 Hero levels combined
Level 10 walls complete or better
240 Camp Spaces
Max war troops and spells


Do you meet the requirements above and want to join one of the most hardcore fair play clan families in Clash of Clans? Are you looking to be a competitor in the highest level of wars in the game? Do you have what it takes? Request to join the Cold September family today!

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