New member to-do list

So you have applied to the Cold September family, made the cut, and have joined one of the our teams…now what?

Below is a list of actionable items that you need to take to complete your on-boarding.

  1. Get to know your team.
  2. Learn the rules. (Yes, we have rules. It’s part of being an elite war clan family.)
  3. Figure out who you should partner with for your current attack style(s) and who you should partner with for your growth. We all have attack styles we specialize and are willing to help as we can.
  4. Be open to constructive criticism and prepared to learn. None of us have all of the answers and neither do you. A good start to expanding your fundamental knowledge base is to subscribe to and watch our YouTube channel and check out our friend Powerbang Gaming’s YouTube channel for some awesome attack strategies.
  5. Be willing to change your war base, quickly and often. We find that 90% or more of the people who come into our clans have poor war base designs. When we ask you to swap, don’t be offended or surprised. Everything that we do is for the good of the entire team.
  6. Be active and live our core value, help others as they help you.
  7. Have fun.

Some additional FAQs to help you along the way.

Q: When can I put my heroes down?
A: During tryouts you must not put your heroes down. After you’ve passed your tryouts, you can opt in war with a hero down but must be prepared to gem it if we get a tough matchup!

Clash Caller
Q: What do you use for calling bases?
A: All claims for all clan wars will be made on Clash Caller. On Clash Caller, there are three hour timers that activate at the start of war or when the claim is made during battle day. Once the attack is done, please fill in your stars on the Clash Caller. Calls should be made one at a time, please don’t call two bases at once.

Q: Rules on War CCs?
A: War CCs are ALWAYS to be filled with max troops. If a clan castle can not be filled by one person (requires more than 8 units), you must team up with as many clan mates as necessary to fill it at once. Tag teaming is important as it stops the enemy clan from being able to narrow down what we have and do not have in our war ccs.

Q: What’s used for communication?
A: 1) GroupMe
“GroupMe” is an app available to all software types. It is a communication app which we use to communicate out of game. This is absolutely mandatory and must be done immediately. Once downloaded try to register as your Clash name. You can always change your nickname once in the Sept Chats.

There are three main groups for members (many more sublet groups):

• Clan Chat: Use this chat for general talk with clan mates. You also should respond to announcements in this chat if necessary. Opt-ins for friendly wars are made here too. (Click the icon in the top right to check out the calendar as well as change nickname if necessary!)
• War Talk: This chat is used for War Plans (which are compulsory.) During tryout you can also use this chat if you want constructive criticism on a base.
• Announcements: This is leadership only. Do not post in this chat. Do not mute this chat.

  1. Discord is the secondary communication app and can also be used for war planning as well as talking to clan members.

Q: What do you use for war plans?
A: We recommend Skitch for its ease of use. With Skitch you must screenshot a base you want to attack and you use the app to draw over it. We have a set colour scheme if you’d prefer to follow that, if not, label your arrows with troop names. E.g. If you’ve used a black arrow for a golem, write golem in black next to it. Plans and feedback is critical for the best possible war performance.

Q: How can I get promoted in Sept?
A: Promotions depend on:
• How much do you offer to the clan?
• Do you lead by example?
• Are you active and helpful ?

Q: How can I get promoted to CS from Sept?
A: This is dependent on the needs of Cold September. Being in Sept does not mean you’re not good enough to be in CS. We try to keep a good balance in both clans and both clans are real competitors in the war scene. We host arranged wars from both clans and balance members as needed depending on the opponent.

Q: Can I visit Cold September during my tryout?
A: No. We have limited space in Cold September and we cannot just let anyone in the clan, for obvious reasons.

Q: Are trial wars random matchups or will I be involved in friendly wars?
A: Trial Wars often consist of both random matchups and friendly wars. If you’re in a friendly war, don’t worry you’ve got a clan of experienced players willing to help you, make the most of it.

Q: On the subject of Friendly Challenges, anything to take note of?
A: In the CS family everyone likes to practice. So make sure when you want to attack someone’s friendly challenge, that you post up your own so no one is left without a base to attack. Do not leave the clan during trial to do friendly challenges at random clans (this is ineffective anyway as the quality of bases won’t be as well-designed as ones you will see in elite clans). If you ask in Clan chat it is more than likely that someone else is willing to practice with you too as well as offer constructive criticisms and expertise if necessary.