Cold September War Instructions

The Cold September family wants everyone to assist others with attack planning. It is not only welcomed but expected. Giving and receiving advice is always appreciated by everyone. It is what helps bring us closer and makes us better at every TH as a team so do not be afraid to step up and help your mates. Many thanks to everyone who contributes. We will be leaning on everyone to ensure we run efficiently. Always remember, 2 or more sets of eyes on anything is better than 1.

That being said, we have official War Generals which are listed below. Their jobs are to issue war plans, keep up with how to best utilize our team, understand how we compliment one another, then execute on this data as flawlessly as possible. They do need everyone’s help in keeping things straight but they are your front-line contacts.

War Leader

  • youngActiv3

Contact him with any fresh ideas you have regarding opportunities that you see. He has final decision on any new processes or approaches we take.

TH10/11 War Generals

  • Heat Monsta
  • Goatkowski
  • Ryan

TH10/TH9 War General

  • Ben

TH9 War Captain

  • TrickIt

Trick will oversee the entire TH9 group and work directly with Young to ensure best efficiency. TH9 ideas go through him first.

TH9 War Generals

  • GreenArrow
  • furback turtle
  • Drew
  • You (Tom)
  • Sunamik
  • Lukea15!
  • BassAHolic

Each of these folks now have a “War General” tag on Discord which allows them to be @TH11/10 War General or @TH9 War General mentioned in the channels when needed. They cover multiple time zones and can hopefully cover wars as needed going forward. If youngActiv3 identifies that this team needs expanded for time zones or clan needs he will be reaching out to people accordingly.