Goblin King, A New King Has Been Crowned

Clash_GoblinKingOnce again the ante has been upped on the prize title of Goblin King. Congratulations to Lukea15! for the newly crowned achievement!

A little info about Luke

Walking on the Beach

Luke lives in Texas and enjoys long walks on the beach, reciting poetry, candle light dinners, romance novels, and is a huge kitten lover.

Wait….What?  That’s not the same Luke we know?!?!


Luke is a rough, tough, no bs type of guy and he’s earned the up most respect from our clan members. He’s a long standing member of the CS family and has been with us since early 2014. When he joined us he was a VERY rushed TH9 and he took a lot of abuse from the team for it. He has since turned that around and has not only grown as a clan member, he’s now a Co-Leader on the Cold Sept team. He was part of the original group that helped rebuild Cold Sept and is still helping the team grow.


Luke’s Co-Leader Role


Each of our clans have Co-Leaders that focus on certain areas of the team to help learn, grow, and keep us grounded. Because of his tenure with the group and his up most respect by his peers, his responsibility is Clan Sheriff. He’s in charge of keeping the group in order, so watch out!

Interview with Luke

In a recent interview with Luke, we sat down to get his thoughts on his new crown. “It’s only fitting since I’m the Sheriff that I’m also the King. I should be acknowledged as King Sheriff now. (haha)” We asked him if he thinks the record will hold up, “Someone will top it, but I hope it’s not for a while. I’m enjoying this”. And lastly, we asked if he had any comments to the previous Goblin King title holders. He replied, “Nah, the real King is here now.”

And there you have it folks, that’s our Luke!


His achievement:

Total collected: 1,394,904

Resource costs to raid: 201,000 (we do not count CC troops or heroes as they cost the attacker nothing)

Average loot collected per resource spent: 7,664.30

Net profit: 1,394,703


Can anyone beat this new record or is Luke forever the Goblin King???

Recap of the rules:

The object is to see who is capable of getting the most loot for the least amount of resources (troop cost).

The reward will be that whoever holds the title will get a featured post about them and their success on the website. That post will be given a link in the menu of our website so anyone clicking through can envy in your stardom. That link will remain tied to your post until someone decides that they are a brighter star than you and proves that they beat you.

To be eligible you must take a screenshot of your raid final be sure that it shows your loot bonus because it counts then submit it to the leader of whichever clan you are in for troop costs tally. If you become the title holder your image and total will be featured in your post.