FPC Arranged War Versus Morning Sword

Recently Cold September matched another elite war clan, Morning Sword, in an arranged war. Morning Sword is another top-tier clan from the Fair Play Community. The benefit of the FPC is that we have the ability to arrange wars with like-minded, competitive fair play war clans just like us often. This war was so close that the victor was not decided until the last 20 minutes of war. Congratulations to both teams for this amazing war!

Unfortunately Supercell had a maintenance break killing the replay before I could put together a proper war recap but below are the videos from my livestream on Twitch.tv.

After our war with Morning Sword ended on the “Part 5” video I swapped over to Emphatic Elite at 1:21:30 to stream the finale of their FPC arranged war with Kara Heroes. Both Emphatic Elite and Kara Heroes are also top-tier elite fair play war clans.