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Back on November 17, 2015 The Clash File family were kind enough to feature Castles and myself, shagge68 on one of their shows. I was reading through our web post and realized that we never spotlighted it or them so decided to do so now.  We are very thankful to w4rblade for reaching out to us to do this podcast/stream. I have included some of their post info below and the podcast itself. Be sure to checkout their website and follow their work.


Excerpt from their website below:

CAD Episode 11 – For the People, By the People

In this episode we welcomed shagge68, Leader of Cold September and Castles, Leader of Cold Sept. Shagge is a streamer, he streams wars for Cold September, Cold Sept, and other clans in the FPC. Castles is the YouTuber of the group. Be sure to subscribe to his channel. We talk about the clans, arranged wars, and leadership styles.

The Fair Play Community Forums

Castles’ YouTube channel

Follow Castles @CastlesCoC and shagge68 @ColdSept on Twitter

Be sure to follow W4rBlade on Twitter @w4rbladecoc

To catch the live show twitch.tv/theclashfilesfamily with one of our great hosts.

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