TH9 Defense: 2 Unbeatable Bases


In this video Grim breaks down what were likely the two deciding base defenses in Sept’s war against OneHive 2.0 family in OneHive Swarm battling against the Cold September family in Cold Sept. Grim uses this video to stress the importance of base building at all weights and town hall levels. He shows both Hypr’s and Rooh’s bases which defended 6 and 5 attacks each respectively.

What is Town Hall 8.5? Why and how to do it.

In this guide we will explain the what, why, and how to do Town Hall 8.5 properly. In general the Cold September family not only endorses the idea of TH8.5 (and TH9.5), we expect it. Following this guide will assist you by ensuring that you are not upgrading defenses incorrectly and are capable of supporting yourself in wars as you progress.


What is Town Hall 8.5?

Town Hall 8.5 is an official Town Hall 9 village but doesn’t contain any TH9 defensive buildings.  When you first upgrade to TH9, you are immediately at a disadvantage and outmatched offensively towards other TH9 bases. The logic behind TH8.5 is to allow you time to up the required troops to hit other TH9’s. It’s basically a TH8 with a TH9 village plus the Archer Queen.